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Recycle Your Car for the Environment

Auto Recycling in Eau Claire, Wisconsin helps keep our air, water and land clean while also keeping our roads safe. Remington Auto Salvage is committed to supporting our community in West-Central Wisconsin. We are proud to partner with the SHiFT Vehicle Retirement Initiative™ to ensure that retired vehicles are responsibly recycled.

More and more Americans are considering How to Recycle their Cars. SHiFT is the Nation's most restrictive automobile recycling initiative. SHiFT guarantees that every vehicle is recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. During the dismantling process, all fuel, fluids, batteries, catalytic converters, electronics, tires and other parts are properly handled to reduce harm to the environment.

SHiFT also guarantees that the engine will not be resold, thereby eliminating all future carbon emissions of that engine. Reusable parts will be recovered for vehicles that remain in use. This ensures production-related emissions are minimized as much as possible. Using Recycled Original Equipment (ROE) is the right choice for your wallet and the world.

For more than 45 years, Remington Auto Salvage has been a local recycling resource. Our commitment to our neighbors, community members, and our families helps to protect the environment for future generations.